Practicing Lawyer Wellbeing and Mindfulness


CLE credits earned: 1 Mental Health Credit (WA state)

Practicing law is a highly rewarding profession. A lawyer, we are trained to identify issues, understand, and apply the law to complex circumstances, and advocate on behalf of our client.

Unfortunately, many of us get so involved in the practice of law and the representation of our clients that we neglect our own well-being. Indeed, the American Bar Association (the “ABA”) has recognized the stressful nature of the practice of law on the legal profession. In 2017, the ABA established a National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being (the “Task Force”), and in 2018, the Task Force released a Report and a “Toolkit for Lawyers and Legal Employers” (the “Task Force Report and Toolkit”). The Task Force Report and Toolkit shined a light on evidence that too many lawyers face many mental health issues and substance abuse disorders or otherwise are not thriving. Often, these issues are not addressed out of fear or an unwillingness to ask for assistance.

These issues have been exacerbated in 2020 with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, given the events of 2020 and 2021 – COVID-19, reduced income, fears of economic insecurity, health concerns of self or others, limited human interaction due to working from home – just to mention a few, it is no wonder that many lawyers feel stressed out, burned out, exhausted.

This presentation helps identify the factors that influence stress (both positive and negative) which can lead to malaise or burnout in the legal profession. Also discussed are activities and disciplines which every lawyer can use to reduce these elements and lead to a healthier lifestyle among lawyers.

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Key topics to be discussed:

•   Recognition of lawyer wellbeing and the need for a toolkit for lawyers to promote wellbeing and mindfulness
•   Identifying six influencers which impact stress in daily life
•   Mindfulness, Resiliency and Serenity – disciplines to cope
•   Practicing mindfulness on a daily basis

Date / Time: August 30, 2021

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•   12:00 pm – 1:00 pm Mountain
•   11:00 am – 12:00 pm Pacific

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Original Broadcast Date: May 18, 2021

Brendan Cournane_myLawCLEBrendan Cournane

Brendan Cournane is a retired public finance attorney with over 40 years of experience in both the public and private sector, having been a partner in a national law firm and General Counsel of a state Authority. He is also an endurance athlete, having completed 100 marathons around the world including a marathon in each of the 50 states and each of the 7 continents. Cournane has also dealt with stressors in his personal life; he is a Personal Development Coach who uses his combination of skills to help attorneys and other professionals identify their core values, develop better leadership and performance metrics and lead a healthier lifestyle. Cournane is a mindfulness practitioner who has practiced daily mindfulness techniques since getting sober in 1989. He brings a confluence of experience from his background as a lawyer, personal development coach, endurance athlete and person in recovery and now shares that collection of experience, strength and hope with fellow attorneys and other professionals.

Brendan’s core values of empathy, compassion, connection and service are practiced daily, and he helps his clients identify internal and external blocks which inhibit personal growth and happiness. He has taken to heart life lessons learned and works with lawyers to identify and alleviate fears, anxieties and disorders. He is currently the Co-Chair of the Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Well-Being and Mindfulness Committee and has spoken to many groups on how to identify stressful conditions and how to work through personal issues. His presentations have been accepted in Illinois for CLE accreditation.

He can be reached through his website: or by email:
By: Brendan Cournane, J.D.; Certified Professional Coach (CPC); Energy Leadership Index Master
Practitioner; COR.E Dynamics Specialist – Leadership, Performance, Wellbeing and Transitions.

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I. Recognition of Lawyer Well-Being | 2:00- 2:10
II. What is Stress? | 2:10- 2:30
III. Resilience and Mindfulness | 2:30- 2:40
IV. Seeking Serenity Through Mindfulness | 2:40 – 2:50
V. Practicing Mindfulness Daily | 2:50- 3:00