Wireless Ethics and Confidentiality for Attorneys (2024 Edition)

Bradley Whitecap
Kiriaki Tourikis
Erica M. Strauss
Marcin M. Krieger
Bradley Whitecap | Reed Smith LLP.
Kiriaki Tourikis | Reed Smith LLP.
Erica M. Strauss | Reed Smith LLP.
Marcin M. Krieger | Reed Smith LLP.

Live Video-Broadcast: April 30, 2024

Wireless Ethics and Confidentiality for Attorneys (2024 Edition)

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Program Summary

In the contemporary landscape where technology profoundly shapes interpersonal interactions, attorneys find themselves increasingly reliant on cutting-edge communication methods and data management systems in their dealings with clients, adversaries, and judicial entities. Moreover, the exponential growth in electronically generated and stored client documents significantly impacts document review processes in investigative and litigation contexts. Consequently, attorneys are now bound by a mandated ethical obligation to comprehend the attributes and associated risks of various technologies employed in client representation and public communication. This ethical imperative presents a spectrum of challenges in implementation, spanning decisions regarding data storage, access protocols within and beyond office confines, and strategies for rectifying inadvertent errors. Notably, despite the traditional absence of technological instruction in legal education, the evolving landscape necessitates adaptation.

This webinar aims to delve into a myriad of technological hurdles, commencing with an exploration of the ethical guidelines imperative for attorneys to grasp and integrate into their professional practices concerning technological utilization. It will elucidate optimal approaches for information maintenance, dissemination, and risk mitigation, highlighting the intricacies surrounding inadvertent data disclosures and the ethical ramifications inherent in social media engagement. By internalizing these insights and prioritizing meticulous information management, legal practitioners can proactively mitigate client complaints and ethical infractions, mitigate the prospect of judicial penalties, and leverage technology to optimize client service delivery.

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Key topics to be discussed:

  • Analysis of ethical regulations relevant to technology integration and their implications
  • Identification and mitigation of risks inherent in the utilization of technology
  • Examination of inadvertent information disclosure mechanisms and appropriate attorney responses
  • Evaluation of the influence of social media on legal practice and professional conduct

Date: April 30, 2024

  • 3:00 pm – 5:10 pm Eastern
  • 2:00 pm – 4:10 pm Central
  • 1:00 pm – 3:10 pm Mountain
  • 12:00 pm – 2:10 pm Pacific

Closed-captioning available


Bradley Whitecap_ Reed Smith LLP._FedBarBradley Whitecap | Reed Smith LLP.

Bradley is an associate in the Records & E-Discovery group. He has supervised many projects covering a wide range of subjects, including regulatory investigations, product liability litigation, settlement preparation, and records management. Bradley specializes in managing large scale projects and leveraging technology to streamline the discovery process, saving clients significant time and money. Bradley has also co-authored and presented on a variety of topics dealing with ediscovery, legal technology, and cross-border issues.


Kiriaki Tourikis_ Reed Smith LLP._FedBarKiriaki Tourikis | Reed Smith LLP.

Kiriaki is an associate in the Tech & Data group, focusing her practice on enterprise data risk management, information governance, data privacy, records and e-discovery. Kiriaki advises large financial services institutions on enterprise data risk management strategies to manage legal and regulatory issues associated with both traditional and innovative technologies and data sources. Kiriaki’s practice involves advising clients on lowering risk associated with using and storing information across jurisdictions. In her role, Kiriaki consels large financial institutions, on all aspects of data risk management and the discovery and management of electronic data, including: data migrations; technology implementation and management; the policies and procedures regarding the governance of information in various technologies; eDiscovery strategy and management; the use of data analytics for eDiscovery, compliance and risk management; the development of data source catalogues, disclosures, and responses relating to electronically stored information; and the remediation of legacy data (both paper and electronic). Prior to Reed Smith, Kiriaki spent 6 years in-house at JP Morgan.


Erica M. Strauss_ Reed Smith LLP._FedBarErica M. Strauss | Reed Smith LLP.

Erica serves as counsel in Reed Smith’s Records & E-Discovery Group and has been involved in a variety of e-discovery and records management matters. She represents a broad range of clients in the area of general civil litigation, with particular emphasis on general commercial litigation and insurance coverage. Erica has vast experience in all aspects of discovery and trial preparation, and she has handled various arguments, hearings, arbitrations, non-jury and jury trials.


Marcin M. Krieger | Reed Smith LLP.

Marcin is an associate in Reed Smith’s Records & E-Discovery Group and a founding member of the group, having joined the firm in 2011 as an e-discovery attorney. His brings a unique skill set to Reed Smith, with 15+ years of experience in e-discovery law, a background in computer science, and a Relativity Certified Administrator credential. Marcin leverages his deep technical understanding and years of experience with technology assisted review (TAR) to advise case teams and clients on the most efficient and defensible approaches to large-scale document review projects. He collaborates with case teams to develop creative solutions to complex large document review challenges and provides user training and support for various e-discovery software platforms. In addition, Marcin plays an active role in beta testing and proof-of-concept evaluation of new technology for potential adoption by the firm. He is keenly interested in the potential applications of AI in e-discovery and has conducted product evaluations as well as written and presented on this topic frequently over the last year.


I. Analysis of ethical regulations relevant to technology integration and their implications | 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Break | 4:00pm – 4:10pm

II. Identification and mitigation of risks inherent in the utilization of technology | 4:10pm – 4:30pm

III. Examination of inadvertent information disclosure mechanisms and appropriate attorney responses | 4:30pm – 4:50pm

IV. Evaluation of the influence of social media on legal practice and professional conduct | 4:50pm – 5:10pm